How To Remove A Stuck Game With An Xbox 360 Repair Guide

Frustrating doesn’t even begin to describe the sheer annoyance of getting a game stuck in your Xbox 360 system. Most gamers’ natural reaction is to “get physical” and try to rip it right out. Others will bring their system down to Microsoft or some repair shop and fork over $150 to get it fixed. A smart gamer however, will save themselves time and money by purchasing an Xbox 360 repair guide, and solve the problem themselves!

The first thing you need to do is unplug the power. Unplugging the Xbox also allows it to reset itself. After a few minutes, try plugging it in again. Occasionally this trick has been known to help, but if not, you’ll want to unplug it again. That’s always the first step in any Xbox 360 repair guide because its the safe thing to do. Never work on electronics that are plugged in!

Now things can get a little more complicated, and you’ll need to follow the step by step directions in your Xbox 360 repair guide closely at this point. Remove the face plate on the console, and find yourself a nice thick paper clip. Straighten out one end of the paper clip. Once the face plate is removed, you will see small holes underneath the DVD player, and one hole to the right.

The next step will vary, depending on the specific DVD drive your Xbox 360 uses. If you have a Samsung or Toshiba, your Xbox 360 repair guide will advise you to find the small hole on the right underneath the X on the DVD drive faceplate. You will push your straightened paper clip in the hole until it hits the gear. The gear needs to be spun from left to right. You will want to continue to push gently until you feel it move.

If you have a Hitatchi DVD drive, you are going to want to poke the first hole on the left. Follow the same procedures that are listed above by poking the hole to get the gear to move. Regardless of what type of DVD drive you have, take your time while you’re doing this. You don’t want to push too hard. If you miss the spot you can do more damage than good.

As soon as the tray starts to eject you will be able to pull on it slightly to help it open. From there, you shouldn’t have any problem removing your game thanks to the helpful Xbox 360 repair guide, which just saved you hundreds of dollars!

IGI becoming the PC’s answer to Nintendo’s Goldeneye

Ahh! Tasty medicine. The hypodermics are usually found in medical rooms and can be kept to use incrementally
IGI (a military term for ‘I’m Going In’) stars David Llewelyn Jones: a British operative gone freelance and working for governments of the free world, a working class Bond with a background in car crime and the SAS rather than Eton and the Admiralty.

All of IGI’s 14 missions involve the infiltration of military bases that nestle within the largest outdoor environments ever seen in a first-person shooter. Fully 3D hills and mountain ranges stretch away into the distance and should the wanderlust take you, you’re free to ramble where you will in each of the 20 kilometre square levels. The stupendous sense of scale is made possible by IGI’s use of an engine converted from their previous flight sim title, Joint Strike Fighter.

The military compounds are always concentrated in a central area of each uber-tile, but are often dissected into fairly disparate areas, distant enough to make walking between them a noticeable romp. However, this definitely adds to the realism and it’s easy to look back up a cliff at a radar dome and think proudly “I was up there earlier. I walked all this way” before remembering that you’re not on your annual Boxing Day walk and have gleaned no physical benefit whatsoever from your admirable virtual exertion. The only trouble with the distance is the fact that you’ll be replaying levels over and over before completion and while walking is slightly too slow, jumping seems over-exaggerated, with a moon-bounce drift.

While military compounds begin to blur into one another, with identical interior and grey exterior architecture begging for a bigger budget than Changing Rooms could offer, there is good mission variety in terms of an evolving plot and very diverse objectives. This extends to some missions that are virtually sub-games, in particular the Silent Scope-style level where you must find a safe sniping point in a hill-top village and protect an infiltration team as they rescue a prisoner from a heavily guarded valley base. Later you might be dodging mines and tanks in the snow or planting explosives on mobile Sam launchers. Other snippets that break up potential monotony include computer hacking (to shut down security systems temporarily), fence and ladder climbing, and sliding or sloth-crawling overhead wires. All of these routines switch to an external free-looking camera with Jones as focus while you maintain basic forwards and backwards control.

There’s a problem with IGI, however, which on discovery is as shocking as finding out that the beautiful woman you fell in love with and married is actually a ladyboy. The problem is the utterly basic AI. To say that Doom had more advanced routines is hardly an exaggeration. Shoot a stationary sentry in the head from a distance and he may fall over, rest on the floor (presumably while plugging the head-wound with a sod of earth) and then rise again to resume his stoic stance of Horse Guard immobility. Other guards in the vicinity will often strut nonchalantly past bodies, apparently untrained in linking cause to effect in a maximum-security installation-protection situation, or perhaps just distracted by soft Euro-rock on their concealed earphones. You just can’t get the minions these days.

Bizarrely, cameras seem to have a far higher degree of intelligence than human sentries and unlike their patrolling counterparts will immediately set off base alarms when they sweep over a dead body, or spot you within their range. Alarms cause previously empty barracks to release small squads of Spetzna troops, usually better armed than the lower echelons and moving in a group to your location. The group movement is none too impressive however. On a few occasions you can shoot one Spetzna officer to see him drop and reveal a second who was shadowing his routine with almost improper proximity. Perhaps as the Brass Eye ‘gay sailors’ sketch said, two targets walking as one tactically present a smaller target. It also seems to have been an odd choice to let corpses fade after a short period of time. Not only does it make it far harder to spot and pick up the guns and ammo that are left behind, but also it makes a joke of an otherwise supposedly realistic infiltration. Mind you, if guards can’t often spot dead bodies while they are there, or react to dangerously close gunfire, then this really makes little difference. The engine may as well be allowed to clean the place up for some extra frames per second if there’s little noticeable effect on the ‘must try harder’ AI. The potential complexity of stealth missions (and there’s a strong element of stealth in each of the fourteen) is reduced to working out individual routines, approaching each enemy without alerting them and dispatching with as few shots to the head as possible to conserve ammunition. When guards do go into a state of alert, they present an unintentional state of panic, some running up and down a line without firing a shot and others performing hilarious pathfinding: jogging all the way around a waist-high wall to get to the other side, coming right up to your face and only then opening fire. Invading a primary school playground would probably present more intelligent opposition, but that probably isn’t a good analogy to draw in a first-person shooter review.

This is not to say that IGI or Hay Day is an easy game. Realistic damage means that even the lowliest of opponents can kill you with a couple of well-placed shots. With no save points within missions this creates buzzing tension and really draws you into the game. While you can use the excellent targeting binoculars and live spy satellite feed to track guard movement, note camera positions and find direct routes to marked objectives, wider exploration of buildings will often turn up medical syringe boosters to restore precious health and alternative weapons and ammunition. The direct route is therefore not necessarily the easiest and the variation also makes the essential repetition of missions bearable for far longer than might have been the case with a more linear game.

If the AI can be ignored, IGI is a great title and that’s why it’s ultimately so disappointing. With only a little more time, effort and polish it could easily have been a Direct Hit and while a hefty patch is never desirable, in this case it’s sorely needed. Replay is also unlikely with no multiplayer support whatsoever. Boo.

Simcity – The Neverending Timeless Classic Game

Just think somewhere out there in the world, perhaps in your own home or perhaps sitting next to you on the bus, or wherever it is you’re reading this somewhere there’s some rabid fan of the absurdly popular Simcity franchise who doesn’t realize that this is where it all came from. All their dressing up, social networking and  knowing family members in their rooms until they pee on themselves came from here. SimCity gave the gaming paradigm a swift kick in the municipals back in 89 by defying convention and neglecting to include a finite end. Instead it relied on addictive city planning and micromanagement have every fiscal, social, and environmental aspect of your own personal city. It was enough to catch the eye of Nintendo who licensed the concept, so it the develop and publish their own version as a launch title for the Super NES.

Simcity Retro

As a result this SimCity is a little different. Your guide to this new and exciting world of urban design is doctor Wright, huge haired academic you might recognize from his cameo appearances in the smash brothers series and the legend Zelda Link’s Awakening. By starting on the practice mode, you invite him to pop up on occasion to give you tips about the various UI functions including that RCI graph up there that indicates the needs of your city. At any time, it can be pressed into service by clicking on his hair up there in the top bar. He will guide you through the steps for turning this chunk of land into a bustling metropolis, as well as rewarding your progress with gifts like your own house, a casino, or a grand statue of certain plumber.

To make this metropolitan a masterpiece, you’ve got a pallet of residential, commercial, and industrial zones allowing you to designate where citizens are to live, work, and build crafts. In additional, you will have to connect these neighborhoods with roads lake trails, harbors and airports and spice things up with the occasional parking stadium. But don’t forget municipal services like police and fire departments or your citizens won’t be sticking around long. You can’t see them. You can’t direct their actions. All you can do is designate your plan and allow the SimCity algorithms and mechanics to run their course. Fortunately, you will be given a bulk of data to analyze and digest. A mapped function allows for graphical analysis or your town from pollution to property value, crime to traffic congestion.

Simcity Classic

If creation isn’t your thing and you prefer having defined goal, the scenario mode is for you. It drops you into a pre-made city and tasks you with the management and clean up of natural disaster, either historical or otherwise. Today there’s a multitude of SimCity versions like SimCity Buildit iphone hack, but this is where it all began when players want faster way to earn SimCash and Simoleons. The understanding that a game doesn’t need an ending or a competition. All it needs is a good idea executed wonderfully to be a timeless classic.

Continuing the Journey with Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Remakes

The video game franchise that continues to operate giving gamers all over the world to enjoy the amazing entertainment, Pokémon is an obviously is a success and continue to move forward at full speed. The game don’t need to revise complete to sweep the nation every time there is a new version being release, however there are some series’ latest version have been hit by criticism because of the lack of features and content. Pokémon in 3D such as X and Y, a very beautiful and stunning landscape and new monster available.

pokemon game announcement

Now with the launch of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the story of the game continues to focus on its original theme. As usual your start your journey to complete do what is lack in your Pokedex, roaming around the area with the objective of becoming a Pokémon best Tamer. There are still few familiar things you will encounter in the game, if you have follow the role playing game series from its beginning, it is obviously you can easily know what these Pokémon which are being featured in the game. Which include Treecko, Mudkip and Torchip who represents the elements of nature such as water, fire, and grass.

As you grow in the game you will have a quest of becoming a Pokémon Champion of the region of Hoenn. In the road you will encounter Team Aqua and Team Magma will be featured in the game to do their part and fulfill their very role as villains who will disturb a legendary Pokémon to make the world back to the ancient settings. Nevertheless the good news is the game continues to expand which display additional facts and the appearance of Delta Episode where the gamer have to investigate the beginning of the Mega Evolutions.

pokemon remake

The original version of the online Pokémon Omega Ruby rom which include Ruby and Emerald has been enhanced and revise beautifully. The layout of the game can be view in its more isometric angle rather than of the close perspective of Pokémon X and y, nevertheless the landscape remains in 3D. The truth is the 3D display operate will in this iteration with almost related problem with Pokémon X and Y. Hidden bases are expose and can be shared using Wi-Fi or perhaps tradition QR code.

Not only we can modify our hidden bases, however one we can invite other player to visit your base and you can interact with them while viewing their character which featured in your base. You can enjoy these Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby whatever console you want to use, for more information you can visit more reviews online.


GTA V Better than any GTA Clone of Today

Grand Theft Auto games changed the world of video games. No longer were just levels good enough, but people wanted to enter a living world. And it was obvious that other companies besides Rockstar were more than happy to bring it to them. It was not long before imitations dubbed GTA clones, were popping up all over the place. And one of the first ones in the GTA line up that made the difference is GTA V, the company’s latest title. But while it took the idea of an open -world game, it does many things differently, some make for a better experience while others, not so much.

gta online clone

Unlike what we used to seeing with GTA titles of the past, Grand Theft Auto V together with GTA 5 Money hack gives you a chance to play from the other side of the law generating millions of cash. That is right, instead of a criminal moving up the crime ladder, you play as a cop, a cop named Nick to be more specific. Well, that is only one of the three characters that are involved in the game. Nick is a loose cannon cop, wanting to do things his way rather than by the book. He returns to Los Santos to right his father’s name and seek revenge on those who ruined it.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Grand Theft Auto V is the open world itself and that is a true replication of Los Angeles (Los Santos). Areas like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica are yours to explore. The streets are labeled and appear at the top of the screen as you drive through the city. It is a nice touch that reminds you these real places. And there are plenty of things to do on the streets. Since you are a cop, you will be driving around when you will hear on your radio about crimes happening in your area, which you can then go to and solve the situation. Depending on how you handle the situation will affect your good cop / bad cop meter. You can be a good cop if you subdue the criminals and bring justice, or you can be a bad cop and bring a different kind of justice, enforced by your dual pistols. It’s a nice mechanic but gets a wonky. If you accidentally run over a pedestrian, you will receive bad points. So, if you are trying to be a good cop, that can be derailed by badly timed turns.

GTA V clone

The game also have a much more robust combat system that what we have seen with GTA IV. The shooting is flashy, with dives and dual wielding, it is clear to see the Matrix like influence. But much time has been spent on the melee combat with plenty of punches, kicks, and finishing moves. GTA V is not your typical GTA title of the past. It has everything you could want: a good story line, enjoyable combat, and great soundtrack while driving around Los Santos.

Walking Dead Season 2, an Epitome of An EPIC VIDEO GAME MOVIE

It is one good pass time to play video games. But to day, I am reviewing something really interesting. Well, just take a little of your time and you will find out why. This is true story, not the game, but what I am about to tell you. I am sitting a theater, they’re showing the previews of the upcoming movies and one of them actually turns out to be a video game. I mean, not that you could tell, it didn’t show any gameplay whatsoever and it used every single movie trailer cliche imaginable. But sure enough, it was a video game. When it’s over, my friend looks at me and says, “That looks like the worst movie ever.” And that’s what video games are now.


Video games think they need to be movies for people to make like them. That makes me not like them. Video games should want to be video games. Except this one. This one can be whatever it wants. Listen, I can count on my hands how many video games I’ve played that have told stories worth remembering. Honestly, even good games often have lousy stories filled with plot holes, and bad writing, and shallow characters, a crap gets in the way of what video games should deliver – that being fun gameplay (e.g. Fifa 17). So it’s a pretty sad state of affairs. Kind of makes me want to cry. But guess what? Only one video game has ever made me cry and that’s the Walking Dead.

This is a video game with a story worth remembering. In fact, this is a game with a story you won’t forget. So this is a season two of the Walking Dead — all five downloadable episodes released on a single retail disc. And it picks up shortly after the events of the first season, in which we were introduced to a little girl named Clementine. A little girl who’s journey has prompted a more emotional reaction from me than any other video game character, probably ever. Seriously guys, if you haven’t played it, go get season one right now. These episodes only take about 90 minutes apiece. And when you finish one, it’s impossible not to start the next one.


We meet back up with Clem shortly before she experiences yet another horrific even sure to add a couple more years of therapy and in terms of the game, it’s pretty much what you remember. Same awesome gameplay, same structure. It’s all the same as you remember. All the same, that is, except for Clementine. In fact the coolest thing with season 2 is that Clementine is not the same girl was when we left her. All her awful experiences have hardened her. They’ve made her stronger. She is not the one who needs protection anymore.

Honestly, we are in two seasons with it right now and the game still has the same technical problems. It just doesn’t run well. Which sucks, because the design work is so incredibly good. Like, the art direction, and graphics, the voice work, and the writing. It’s just a shame it doesn’t have the same quality on the technical side. But even though with those hiccups, you guys still need to play this game. The game is one of the best you will ever play and that is a fact.