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GTA V Better than any GTA Clone of Today

Grand Theft Auto games changed the world of video games. No longer were just levels good enough, but people wanted to enter a living world. And it was obvious that other companies besides Rockstar were more than happy to bring it to them. It was not long before imitations dubbed GTA clones, were popping up all over the place. And one of the first ones in the GTA line up that made the difference is GTA V, the company’s latest title. But while it took the idea of an open -world game, it does many things differently, some make for a better experience while others, not so much.

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Unlike what we used to seeing with GTA titles of the past, Grand Theft Auto V together with GTA 5 Money hack gives you a chance to play from the other side of the law generating millions of cash. That is right, instead of a criminal moving up the crime ladder, you play as a cop, a cop named Nick to be more specific. Well, that is only one of the three characters that are involved in the game. Nick is a loose cannon cop, wanting to do things his way rather than by the book. He returns to Los Santos to right his father’s name and seek revenge on those who ruined it.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Grand Theft Auto V is the open world itself and that is a true replication of Los Angeles (Los Santos). Areas like Beverly Hills, Hollywood, and Santa Monica are yours to explore. The streets are labeled and appear at the top of the screen as you drive through the city. It is a nice touch that reminds you these real places. And there are plenty of things to do on the streets. Since you are a cop, you will be driving around when you will hear on your radio about crimes happening in your area, which you can then go to and solve the situation. Depending on how you handle the situation will affect your good cop / bad cop meter. You can be a good cop if you subdue the criminals and bring justice, or you can be a bad cop and bring a different kind of justice, enforced by your dual pistols. It’s a nice mechanic but gets a wonky. If you accidentally run over a pedestrian, you will receive bad points. So, if you are trying to be a good cop, that can be derailed by badly timed turns.

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The game also have a much more robust combat system that what we have seen with GTA IV. The shooting is flashy, with dives and dual wielding, it is clear to see the Matrix like influence. But much time has been spent on the melee combat with plenty of punches, kicks, and finishing moves. GTA V is not your typical GTA title of the past. It has everything you could want: a good story line, enjoyable combat, and great soundtrack while driving around Los Santos.