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Continuing the Journey with Nintendo 3DS Pokemon Remakes

The video game franchise that continues to operate giving gamers all over the world to enjoy the amazing entertainment, Pokémon is an obviously is a success and continue to move forward at full speed. The game don’t need to revise complete to sweep the nation every time there is a new version being release, however there are some series’ latest version have been hit by criticism because of the lack of features and content. Pokémon in 3D such as X and Y, a very beautiful and stunning landscape and new monster available.

pokemon game announcement

Now with the launch of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, the story of the game continues to focus on its original theme. As usual your start your journey to complete do what is lack in your Pokedex, roaming around the area with the objective of becoming a Pokémon best Tamer. There are still few familiar things you will encounter in the game, if you have follow the role playing game series from its beginning, it is obviously you can easily know what these Pokémon which are being featured in the game. Which include Treecko, Mudkip and Torchip who represents the elements of nature such as water, fire, and grass.

As you grow in the game you will have a quest of becoming a Pokémon Champion of the region of Hoenn. In the road you will encounter Team Aqua and Team Magma will be featured in the game to do their part and fulfill their very role as villains who will disturb a legendary Pokémon to make the world back to the ancient settings. Nevertheless the good news is the game continues to expand which display additional facts and the appearance of Delta Episode where the gamer have to investigate the beginning of the Mega Evolutions.

pokemon remake

The original version of the online Pokémon Omega Ruby rom which include Ruby and Emerald has been enhanced and revise beautifully. The layout of the game can be view in its more isometric angle rather than of the close perspective of Pokémon X and y, nevertheless the landscape remains in 3D. The truth is the 3D display operate will in this iteration with almost related problem with Pokémon X and Y. Hidden bases are expose and can be shared using Wi-Fi or perhaps tradition QR code.

Not only we can modify our hidden bases, however one we can invite other player to visit your base and you can interact with them while viewing their character which featured in your base. You can enjoy these Pokémon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby whatever console you want to use, for more information you can visit more reviews online.