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Walking Dead Season 2, an Epitome of An EPIC VIDEO GAME MOVIE

It is one good pass time to play video games. But to day, I am reviewing something really interesting. Well, just take a little of your time and you will find out why. This is true story, not the game, but what I am about to tell you. I am sitting a theater, they’re showing the previews of the upcoming movies and one of them actually turns out to be a video game. I mean, not that you could tell, it didn’t show any gameplay whatsoever and it used every single movie trailer cliche imaginable. But sure enough, it was a video game. When it’s over, my friend looks at me and says, “That looks like the worst movie ever.” And that’s what video games are now.


Video games think they need to be movies for people to make like them. That makes me not like them. Video games should want to be video games. Except this one. This one can be whatever it wants. Listen, I can count on my hands how many video games I’ve played that have told stories worth remembering. Honestly, even good games often have lousy stories filled with plot holes, and bad writing, and shallow characters, a crap gets in the way of what video games should deliver – that being fun gameplay (e.g. Fifa 17). So it’s a pretty sad state of affairs. Kind of makes me want to cry. But guess what? Only one video game has ever made me cry and that’s the Walking Dead.

This is a video game with a story worth remembering. In fact, this is a game with a story you won’t forget. So this is a season two of the Walking Dead — all five downloadable episodes released on a single retail disc. And it picks up shortly after the events of the first season, in which we were introduced to a little girl named Clementine. A little girl who’s journey has prompted a more emotional reaction from me than any other video game character, probably ever. Seriously guys, if you haven’t played it, go get season one right now. These episodes only take about 90 minutes apiece. And when you finish one, it’s impossible not to start the next one.


We meet back up with Clem shortly before she experiences yet another horrific even sure to add a couple more years of therapy and in terms of the game, it’s pretty much what you remember. Same awesome gameplay, same structure. It’s all the same as you remember. All the same, that is, except for Clementine. In fact the coolest thing with season 2 is that Clementine is not the same girl was when we left her. All her awful experiences have hardened her. They’ve made her stronger. She is not the one who needs protection anymore.

Honestly, we are in two seasons with it right now and the game still has the same technical problems. It just doesn’t run well. Which sucks, because the design work is so incredibly good. Like, the art direction, and graphics, the voice work, and the writing. It’s just a shame it doesn’t have the same quality on the technical side. But even though with those hiccups, you guys still need to play this game. The game is one of the best you will ever play and that is a fact.